Georgetown, Washington


Due to the most recent Governor proclamation, Brother Joe is TEMPORARILY shut down.

What we do

Truly Great Coffee and Teas, Weekday Breakfast and Lunch,
& Weekend Brunch!

Espresso/Coffee/Pastries/Grab-n-Go Food

Monday - Friday: We open from 7am to 2pm 


Monday - Sunday:  9am to 2pm

Closed Sunday & Monday evenings. 

Pick Up or Delivered Orders 
Made Easy


Please read the following details prior to ordering to make sure your order is processed as efficiently as possible.

  1. Sandwiches are not available on the weekend. They are available Tuesday-Friday from 10am to 2pm.

  2. For over over 10 meals, please give 48 hours notice prior to your pick up date.

  3. Please give us a call at 206.588.2859 to place your order. 

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Brother Joe is dedicated to our relationship with the provider of our coffee beans, Herkimer Coffee.


Herkimer Coffee purchases premium green coffee from farms that practice traditional old world cultivation methods, growing coffee sustainably in naturally shaded areas. Purchasing coffee from small farms that grow coffee in this manner gives us the opportunity to help ensure good wages, good workers, and good working conditions at the farms.


Herkimer Coffee negotiates directly with producers by visiting farms and processing stations to cultivate a beneficial relationship for all involved.

Brother Joe is fortunate to have a partnership with a Seattle roaster that holds the same ideology for perfectly roasted and sustainable coffee beans.

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